Lead Ban Expansion

The Hog Blog takes a pretty detailed look at California’s proposed extension on the lead ammunition ban.   It doesn’t look good.

And that’s the second hot topic… proposed regulation changes that will bring small game and upland birds under the lead ammo ban.  Why?  Are condors eating tree-squirrel gut piles, or feasting on the remains of hunters’ quail?  Not bloody likely.  Then what is the purpose of the expansion to a bill that is specifically intended to protect the California condor?

It was never about the California Condor.  That was just the rhetoric.  They are expanding it because, quite honestly, they can.  As long as Condors get sick, and hunters can be blamed for it, it will be the excuse necessary to every increasing restrictions.  That’s what these people do.

2 thoughts on “Lead Ban Expansion”

  1. Sounds to me as if it’s time to put the condors in question to rest, heh, heh. As what happened to the Dodo and the Giant Sloth.

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