Gun Control Groups Misleading on Ft. Hood

Surprise, they are claiming their terror watch list legislation would have made a difference, but it wouldn’t have. There is no rule, law, or regulation that is going to stop all tragedy, or even most tragedy. Sometimes bad things just happen. If anything, Ft. Hood is an example of the folly of counting on the government to protect us.

6 thoughts on “Gun Control Groups Misleading on Ft. Hood”

  1. Remember back in the day when gun banners thought only the military and law enforcement should have guns?

    I guess now it is just law enforcement.

  2. The terror watch list sucks. It could in no way be construed by any reasonable person as due process of law by which someone could be deprived of rights. Of course, we might find judges who are unreasonable.

  3. What would have made a difference toward preventing the Fort Hood shooting would have been to kick Major Hasan’s terrorist-loving butt out of the Army while he was still at the Walter Reed Army Hospital for receiving the poor performance review without worrying about any of this political correctness crap that has apparently affected our entire armed services these days.

  4. No one is saying gun control will prevent ALL gun crime.

    “There is no rule, law, or regulation that is going to stop all tragedy.”

    No one is disputing that. Only you pro-gun guys keep repeating that as if the gun control folks are claiming it. They’re not. You’re putting words in our mouths which we’re not saying.

  5. Of course the gun banner’s terror watch list legislation wouldn’t have made a difference. Maj. Jihad was obviously on some kind of do not watch list.

  6. I like how MikeB claims pro-gun people are repeating a strawman by spouting a strawman.

    Ironic isn’t it.

    But then again he isn’t trying to make a coherent statement. He just wants to put a link to his blog up.

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