My Magic Mouse Has Arrived

It came in the mail today, along with a review copy of Dave Kopel’s new book Aiming for Liberty, which I hope to read over the Thanksgiving Holiday. The Magic Mouse is the mouse I’ve been waiting for all my life. We’ve come a long way since the big one button wonder on the original Macintosh. The only mechanical part on the Magic Mouse is the click. Scrolling is done entirely by touch. Right click/left click works just as it does on the earlier Mighty Mouse. Apple’s Mighty Mouse was nice, but the scroll wheel had the odious habit of getting gummed up and not working. That combined with a lack of user serviceability made this a serious flaw. I find the Mighty Mouse’s function intuitive and smooth. My only real complaint is with the packaging, which uses a glue strip to hold the mouse in place, and which leaves a residue on the mouse that needs to be cleaned off before use. Annoying for sure, but that’s probably the only time I’ll ever have to clean the mighty mouse with anything other than a quick wipe down, and that alone makes it worth it.

2 thoughts on “My Magic Mouse Has Arrived”

  1. I got to try one in the Apple store. The multi-touch swipe seemed to work ok (my sweaty fingers aside), but I *really* like the side buttons on my MS Explorer, since I have them bound to the forward and back of Firefox.

  2. Just got a magic mouse to go with my new 13″ MacBook Pro and I love it. The scroll makes reading webpages fast and easy. Cool. The backlit keyboard on the Pro is pretty cool also, since I like a dimly lit room.

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