Mouse Gun

When we hear the word mouse gun, we generally don’t think of a .44 revolver.  Apparently there are people out there stupid enough to think that.  Clayton Cramer argues that this woman falls into the category of “people that shouldn’t have guns”:

A point that I often make to reporters–and they are usually surprised to hear me say this–is that not everyone should have a gun. There are people who the law prohibits from having guns–and I agree, such as violent felons. There are also people who the law does not prohibit, but whom I discourage from owning guns.

Well, it looks like this woman made great Brady fodder too.  I think I’ll stick to using my .44 on the hiking trail, and to shoot little metal animal shapes.  As for mice?  Well, I love cats, but Bitter is allergic.

4 thoughts on “Mouse Gun”

  1. nk, almost any remote hiking place in the West has the danger of grizzly bears. If you don’t mind the weight, a .44 gives some peace of mind.

  2. I hike in the east, but Pennsylvania actually has one of the highest density of black bear populations in the lower 48. Black bears aren’t as aggressive as brown bears, but to me it’s not much of a burden to carry a side arm, even a large one. Why take changes? Plus, a .44 is pretty effective against the two legged variety of predators too.

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