Electronic Doodad Tracks Shots & Location

Normally I am against electronic doodads on guns if the doodad is necessary for the firearm’s operation, since electronics can fail, and batteries can die. But since this device only enhances the functioning of the firearm, it seems like a good idea to me, and fits in the previously wasted space of the pistol grip.

7 thoughts on “Electronic Doodad Tracks Shots & Location”

  1. No way would I ever want that thing in any of my guns. Anything that records data which can be subject to subpoena at a later date is bad news IMO. If I had my way, my phone and bank records would be permanently deleted at my request at any time I choose.

    Fwiw, I do think that police weapons should have this feature.

  2. I respectfully ask you to re-think your position. You want to give law enforcement the ability to track you firearms’ precise location and telemetry data.

    Yet, didn’t you just say in a previous post that mere firearms registration leads to firearms being banned and seized?

  3. That’s only the case if it’s mandated, which I would oppose. I don’t think I’d put one in my rifle either, but I think it can be a worthwhile technology for some applications.

  4. For police use, definitely a plus. Any civilian models should have all the tracking equipment removed, but you could still allow downloads to the manufacturer on a voluntary basis for malfunction troubleshooting purpose. If the 1st generation M-16 had been equipped with this thing, it probably would have saved a lot of trouble trying to figure out the cause of its jamming problems. Now what would really be useful for police use is a miniature camera system similar to a fighter’s gun camera. Every time the officer pulls the trigger, it records what he shot. Probably still to complicated and fragile to actually work however.

  5. Wasted space? Speak for yourself, that’s where my spare bolt goes… :-D

    Kidding aside, I think this is a great idea for LEO and Military applications. We could definitely get a better sense of wtf happened in Nisour Square if Blackwater’s weapons had been equipped with these devices.

  6. If this thing becomes available, you can be assured that it will become mandatory in short order.

  7. There’s no reason to be paranoid over this. There’s plenty of technologies out there now that could be mandated that would be a dream to anti-gunners. Like mandating RFID tags in guns. Think about the implications of that for a minute.

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