Bloomberg’s Pennsylvania Investment

Don’t let it be said that Bloomberg can’t make the most of his money. Although I guess we shouldn’t underestimate a multi-billionaire.

In Pennsylvania, once he lost mayor after mayor to pressure from NRA members, he sent his shared Brady Campaign staffer to recruit. But, wisely, they kept their cards close to their chest. They refused to release names until after Election Day. For the 17 they lost, they updated with 66 new ones. Now, that’s not a clear addition of 66. Without even really digging in deep, I know at least a few of those new mayors will be gone by year’s end. They already planned to retire, or in one case, the town voted to do away with the mayor’s office. (Changing local government system isn’t unheard of here, another non-MAIG township in our area voted to do the same thing last week.)

View Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Mayors in Pennsylvania in a larger map

As you can see by the updated map, he added a good chunk of his mayors out in the western part of the state again. I haven’t done a formal count, but I would not be shocked if the western part of Pennsylvania is now home to half or very nearly half of the anti-gun mayors.

Not all of the mayors are up at the same time, so there will be more municipal races to fight in the next year to two years. And more importantly, if your mayor’s name is on this updated list, make their phone ring off the hook. Make this a distracting issue for them. Give them a headache from the stream of phone calls from you and your shooting club buddies.

6 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Pennsylvania Investment”

  1. I’m stunned they got somebody in Montoursville to go along with Nanny Bloomberg’s little fascist organization, Lycoming County is solidly pro-2nd, (you can’t go a day without seeing at least three people in Mossy Oak or Realtree…*ahem* that’s year-round). Montoursville is a small borough near Williamsport, where former Mayor Wolf publicly left Bloomburg’s group. So, that’s something we’re gonna have to work on locally. The Soviets of Philly and Pittsburgh are bad enough, no way are we letting these bastards take Pennsyltucky!

  2. Hmm…Shamokin I’m a little surprised by too, ditto Laporte. Bloomy’s racking up some wins, and I’m not liking it. The last thing I want is to see my beloved PA fall to leftist Nanny-staters.

  3. I got the word out on the mayor of Knoxville. I might note the biggest retail outfit in town is a gun store. Yes, another one of those towns where cammo is normal attire year round.

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