6 thoughts on “Ammo Returning to Shelves”

  1. If demand is outstripping supply then boxes would not be filling up in the supply chain again. Hopefully if supply continues to outstrip demand, we’ll see prices drop soon.

  2. Omaha NE and surrounding area

    .45 have seen some on the shelf but not much, still getting sold quickly.

    9mm is vary hard to find, getting sold as fast as it hits the shelf. can never find anything.

    .40 has started to show up, and is staying on the shelf but still ih short supply

    .380 auto, 32 and other handgun rounds – accessible

    .223, 7.62×39 Some people have lots some have none – accessible

    .308 – accessible

  3. Handgun calibers here are a crapshoot. They fly off the shelves as fast as they appear. Was lucky enough to find 6 boxes of 9mm and 2 boxes of 44mag last month, haven’t seen anything except .25acp and .357sig since.

  4. I’ve noticed that ARs and other semiauto’s prone to a ban are coming back, and that in some cases (no pun intended) ammo is coming back. I also go to a bunch of walmarts within my work travel distance and all the winchester white box (except .25 auto and sometimes 30-06) is sold out. A lot of gunshops in my sphere have more ammo than the Nov-March time but are still rationing.

    Do you think we’ll see a price drop? Some online retailers are improving their prices on milsurp, but I think the prices will bottom out a lot higher than, say, 18 months ago.

  5. No, “is” should have been “were” in that sentence. It’s subjunctive; very subtle in our language because we’re always moody.

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