Just One Round

Someone on gunbroker is selling a single round of .45ACP.   Take a scroll down to the description.  It’s pretty hilarious.  Preserved here in case they take it offline:

Offered for your consideration is one round (not one case or one box but one single round) of genuine .45 ACP ammunition. This is something rarely seen (at least since November 4th) and is hard to find at any price. The round of ammo includes a real brass casing; one full metal jacket bullet weighing 230 grains; a generous amount of hard-to-obtain gunpowder; and one nearly impossible to locate primer. Yes, you read that correctly. This round of ammo actually comes fully equipped with a real primer! Just try finding one of those! Imagine the thrill of actually being able to shoot your gun for a change. You will be the talk of the neighborhood when news gets around that you actually fired your pistol with your round of ammo. You may want to keep your round of ammo as an investment as prices are sure to keep rising. Just think of the confidence you will feel when you walk around with your round of ammo in your shirt pocket (Barney Fife was 50 years ahead of his time). Every man will want to be you and every woman will want to be with you when they learn that you possess a round of ammo. Your neighbor with the van Gogh painting will die of envy when he learns that you have obtained a genuine round of ammo. Playboy models will beat a path to your door when they hear the news! This is an opportunity which may never come around again. Act now and make your bid. Don’t let this one get away! Starting price is a ridiculously low one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars with NO RESERVE! Payment by money order only. Please add $5 for insured shipping within the Continental United States (additional charge to AK and HI). Sold as is, no returns. Please include a signed affidavit swearing that you did not vote for Barack Obama or your payment will be returned and the item will be relisted. Added: I have received requests to post a photo of the primer to prove it’s actually present. I have added the photo. You can also see the round of ammo appears to be a military contract round with the primer sealed in place and the headstamp date 1985.

It wouldn’t be so funny if there wasn’t a grain of truth to it.

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  1. That’s funny. Not as funny as the guy that was asking $299.00 plus shipping for an old Jennings J-22, but it’s funny.

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