4 thoughts on “No Wonder they Toll the Bridge Going Out”

  1. I’m assuming you are referencing every bridge in and out of New Jersey (at least the ones I’ve been across, The Delaware Memorial, Betsy Ross (? mid Philly) and the GW going into NYC) where the toll only applies when leaving NJ?

    I recall hearing an old Fred Allen radio show, from back in the 40s or so. Long way around a joke, the character “bought” a toll bridge, but no one stopped to pay him. The other end of the bridge were three guys collecting all the money. The punchline was ‘people will pay ANYTHING to get out of Jersey!’

  2. I know of 2 ways out of NJ by car that you don’t pay a toll on – the I-95 bridge into Bucks Co and the bridge between Lambertsville and New Hope. Other than that…

    (Though I’ve recently been taking the Turnpike instead of I-295 because the Turnpike is FINALLY a better road. And I’ve been making that trip since ’92)

  3. #1. the reason that they charge on the way out is the fact that no one would pay money to get into New Jersey

    #2. There is a free bridge between Phillipsburg, NJ and Easton, PA.

  4. I imagine there are other bridges that are free, carrying what amounts to surface roads. I just knew about those 2

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