More Local Governments Turning to Hunters

Looks like Solebury, not far from me, is also opening up to using hunting as a method of reducing deer population instead of the “sharpshooters” typically employed for such a task. Not only is using hunters cheaper, but safer too. Most of the sharpshooting companies hire people that are neither sharp, nor shooters.

This is the culmination of the work of the archers at my club, who put in a lot of time and effort to convince Lower Makefield Township to open up to the idea of thinning out the deer population using bow hunters. So far the township has been very pleased with the hunt. I think more local communities will adopt this model. It’s even getting traction over in New Jersey. It’s a good thing for hunting, since one of the chief causes of its decline is lack of places to hunt.

5 thoughts on “More Local Governments Turning to Hunters”

  1. I wish I could find a news link, but Cobb County did this very thing to remove a deer population from a local park. The deer had eaten everything up to about 4′ from the ground, removal was the only way to get any growth back. IIRC, the deer all went to Hunters for the Hungry.

  2. A co-worker who participated in the Morris Co hunt a few years back had the windshield of the car he was in smashed out by a protester. In addition he was apparenlty supervised on the hunt itself

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