The H-S Precision Photoshop Contest

So far we will be voting on the following entries.  I have made no effort to edit out any entries for being too graphic, given that unlawfully shooting someone through a door isn’t exactly a civilized act.  Even worse is evading prosecution.

What you see is what was submitted, so if there’s something not there that you have, let me know.  I will leave this up until morning, then I’ll switch on voting in the morning.  By the end of the day, we’ll take the results and declare a winner:

I have numbered them so folks judge them by the quality of the satire, and the photoshop work.  Though, yeah, you could always go back through comments and figure out who they belong to. Voting opens at 10:00AM tomorrow and closes at 10PM tomorrow.  The winner gets a MidwayUSA Gift Certificate for $25.

UPDATE: Disabling comments as to not bias results.

UPDATE: Voting is now open


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