Don’t Forget Your NRA Endorsed Candidates in PA

Superior Court Judge:

Commonwealth Court:

If you know nothing else about them, and let’s face it, you probably don’t, you at least know that they are endorsed by the NRA.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your NRA Endorsed Candidates in PA”

  1. I don’t know. I always felt politicians should be restricted to a temp status rather than our current practice of granting them a lifelong status of publicly funded welfare.

  2. Not looking to stoke the flames, just wanted to put his information out there for those interested. In speaking with Kim Stolfer of the ACSL/FOAC, Sallie Mundy repeatedly refused to answer their questionnaire, even in a situation where one was hand-delivered to her. I understand that she’s NRA-endorsed, but it concerns me when a local grassroots organization that has done a fair amount for gun rights in PA can’t get an answer from her..

    Take it FWIW, and VOTE!!!

  3. Here’s Firearm Owners Against Crime’s list

    Supreme Court
    Joan Orie Melvin

    Commonwealth Court
    Kevin Brobson
    Patricia McCullough

    Superior Court
    Judy Olson
    Temp Smith
    Paula Ott
    Kevin McCarthy

  4. You know, it’s funny, NRA endorsed Orie Melvin in the primary, but she’s not listed as endorsed in the general. I have no idea what happened there.

  5. Judicial candidates generally refuse to return candidate questionnaires so as to avoid any semblance of prejudice. They will likewise refuse to answer questions on issues that may come before their court for the same reason.

  6. So you’re supposed to vote for a candidate about which you know nothing beyond their name, maybe their face, and maybe their party affiliation?

    That sounds like a recipe for positive outcomes!

  7. No, if they have a positive record of ruling on gun cases they can be endorsed. If you can determine they have a personal interest in guns they can be endorsed as well. Just don’t go to any judicial candidate and ask the same point blank questions you would of a legislative candidate and expect a direct answer.

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