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  1. Duck, actually I think it’s along the line of catching a small child doing something dangerous, or bad and them saying: “I was only kidding!”

    In hope to avoid the spanking they know they deserve.

    Sad how easy it is to compare “Progressives” and children….

  2. I see you’ve finally discovered Cliff “The Lyin’ King” Lyon. At one point he became convinced that a commenter was Yuri Orlov and went over to his place and tried to cause trouble. A bit later on he invited himslf into a chat room and got himself an Elf Slapdown.

    He can be a lot of fun, in a “just where did this loser come from” kinda way.

  3. Wow. There is sad and pathetic, and then there is stupidly sad and pathetic.

    Of course, having dealt with Cliff and the rest of his panty-wetting cadre of anti-rights advocates before, this kind of gos-se is hardly surprising.

  4. Sebastian, did you trigger a cyber-attack? I tried to see what the fuss was about by clicking on your links, and got massive new windows and tabs opening faster than I could close them. Had to restart the whole system to shut it down.

  5. JamesLee:

    I’m sorry to hear that, but clicking on the links, I notice the site is very slow, but it seems to work normally for me at least.

  6. OK it worked that time… like you said, slow, but no problems. Sorry for the false alarm

  7. FYI One Utah is on some stone-aged server (or running some goofy scripts in the background) as it ALWAYS loads VERY slow despite its usual low traffic.

  8. To make it even better, the halfwit has since taken down the original image, and put up another one, this time with a copyright of his own origination on it.

    I almost wish I could be present when official letterhead shows up on his desk.

  9. As much as I’d like to see the same thing, he’d have a pretty strong case for fair use, by arguing it’s a parody of the copyrighted work.

  10. I don’t go in for the dick jokes myself. I don’t think they’re funny so I don’t use them. But I think it’s fair to question why people decide to carry guns. And the question raised by Joe’s t-shirt is a good one too. Here’s what I had to say about it:

    “Is it true that gun control people are the ones who cost lives? And, are the folks who decide to arm themselves doing so out of fear and insecurity?

    I say “no” to the first and “for the most part” to the second.”

  11. Mike:

    When I first started shooting, I didn’t feel much of a need to have a gun. I started shooting (other than air guns and smallbore as a kid) when I was 25, in 1999. I didn’t get a License to Carry until 2002.

    I made the decision to do it because I developed proficiency, so I figured why not. Also, the lesson of 9/11 was that we were a target, and if my skills could come in handy if Al-Qaeda decided to rack up a body count shooting up shopping malls, I was only happy to help out.

    I don’t live in a high crime area. Strictly speaking I’m not running much of a risk being unarmed. But I prefer to be, because it’s not much of a burden. In addition to it being a personal advantage, I consider it to be a civic duty, though I don’t think it’s for everyone.

  12. I haven’t been following anything preceding this. But I don’t see any arguments gaining momentum by speculating about others’ “organs” or relations with their wives. Snark FAIL.

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