Serious Reaching

The Democrats in New Jersey are desperate to hang the albatross of being a “right wing extremist” around the neck of Chris Christie.  One of the chief ways this is often accomplished in New Jersey is by trying to tie a candidate to the NRA.  In the Garden State, there’s no greater example of right wing-nuttery than the National Rifle Association, or so the Democrats think.

A few days ago I noticed in the New York Times, an article attempting to paint Christie with that moniker.  You see, NRA donates money to the Republican Governors Association, some $90,000 since December.  The Republican Governors Association has donated $3 million dollars to a one Christopher J. Christie.  So clearly Chris Christie is in the pocket of the NRA!   I would have been willing to ignore this as blatant and obvious crap, except the same meme appeared today in the Philadelphia Inquirer, in an article about Corzine’s signing of the one-gun-a-month fiasco in New Jersey.

NRA hasn’t donated money to Chris Christie’s campaign because Christie is not really aligned with us on a lot of key issues.  Sure, he’s better than Corzine.  By a mile.  But that’s not saying a whole lot.  The goal in November for New Jersey gun owners is getting a governor who will stop treating gun owners as punching bags.  Once you can breathe a little, it might give some time to work on legislators, like getting rid of Fred “One-Gun-a-Month” Madden.

2 thoughts on “Serious Reaching”

  1. Sure, he’s better than Corzine. By a mile.

    I’d say at last 50 miles. If NJ gun owners can get to the point of not being used as a political punching bag, it would be huge.

  2. Don’t forget that NJ Dem’s have PA in their sights. 9 out of 10 times, when discussing gun control, PA comes up in conversation. Blaming PA’s loose gun laws on NJ’s gun problems.

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