8 thoughts on “Freedom Group Going Public?”

  1. WOOOHOOO! Quoted in the WSJ! Well done Bitter!

    I don’t like the idea of one company being so powerful, private or note, but at least being public we will have some ideas of their plans.

    1. I don’t mind one company being so powerful but they have screwed up a few very big investments, so l just hope that they prove to do better with this one.

      So I wonder just how much the company hates me now?

  2. According to the news release on Reuters last night, the companies that Cerberus has acquired for the Freedom Group are Remington Arms, Bushmaster Firearms, Cobb Manufacturing, Marlin Firearms, Dakota Arms LLC and DPMS Panther Arms.

  3. I love the little stinger at the end. Silencers! For pistols and submachineguns! Oh the horror. A skull for a logo? Fetch me my smelling salts, Muffy.

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