Tasteless Article of the Day

Goes to Karen Araiza of NBC Philadelphia:

Her gun-toting problems started about a year ago when Meleanie picked an ominous day – September 11, 2008 – to show up at her little girl’s soccer game with the loaded gun holstered to her hip, very visible and very upsetting to other parents.

Gun toting problems? Speaking of it like it’s the same as heavy drinking? But that’s just bias, not tastelessness.  This is where it gets tasteless:

Back in December, Hain was runner-up for The Patriot-News “Person of the Year”. Despite all the controversy, she said her views on the right to bear arms hadn’t changed.

“I am happy being a gun owner.”

Autopsies were being performed Thursday. The Hain children were with relatives.

You can’t tell me those two sentences weren’t meant to play off each other. Congratulations Ms. Araiza, you officially suck.

8 thoughts on “Tasteless Article of the Day”

  1. That’s just sick. Way to foreward your agenda on the backs of other’s suffering!

  2. There ought to be a call for a boycott of NBC Philadelphia by all of the legal gun owners and Second Amendment supporters in its viewing area. As for me, I already don’t watch it as it is.

    Sebastian, would you like to put out the word?

    1. Ronnie, aside from questions of effectiveness of boycotts like this, it would be awfully silly for someone like Sebastian to lead the call for it. He doesn’t watch them at all. We both loathe the local news and ignore it, regardless of spot on the dial.

  3. The husband was a LEO ( Parole Officer ) … so the gun laws these retards are blood-dancing for would have done nothing to disarm the perp.

  4. It is the juxtaposition of those last two sentences, and the glee with which people comment on the fact that the gun did not save her, as if it were some sort of guarantee!

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