3 thoughts on “How To Get a Gun in Canada”

  1. So it’s basically the Canadian version of Illinois’ FOID card, but with an added test, intrusion into your personal life, and two tiers of ownership? Hopefully Chicago politicians avoid that site using the excuse that they “never learned to read Canadian.” The FOID is annoying enough as it is.

  2. My impression from Canadian friends is that it’s not so much _difficult_ as it is aggravating and protracted. That is, if you jumps through all the hoops, you gets your guns, but there’s a lot of hoops.

    Jersey is similar (though not _quite_ as bad): there are intrusive and unnecessary steps, but really only a couple things that may actually _prevent_ a law abiding citizen from getting firearms (like the de-facto requirement that your employer approve your FID or pistol permit application). Most of it is just making sure you take the right steps in the right order, then waiting many, many months.

  3. Thanks for the link, it generated 65 unique vistors!

    Elmo is right, it’s annoying and long (it took me many months) and once you have your guns you’re pretty much only allowed to use them for some sporting purposes and required to store them in such a way as that they’re no good for defense of your home. That’s the whole point, to paraphrase one politician “to breed a more docile western male”.

    You generally can’t carry a handgun or get a permit to do so though the law allows it for it in some cases; say previous attempts on their life. In reality the permits are never issued and the only civilians who get authorized to carry regularly are certain money and VIP guards.

    If you carry a long gun (unloaded and open) in public you’ll probably get arrested for plenty of non-firearms charges like disturbing the peace.

    The general storage requirements are so strict that guns really can’t be used for home defense either. If you do use a long gun for home defense you may be charged with various other crimes. There would be accusations about safe storage if there were any chance you got to them too quickly implying they were not stored properly.

    So the gun laws are kind of rotten but the hunting is pretty good, it’s not balanced but it’s a littler better than nothing.

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