Minimum Age to Carry

Dusting came up with a handy map.  New Hampshire and Alaska are is 16?  I didn’t know that.  Gang ridden crime havens those two states are.  I also didn’t know MD and DE were 18, even though you can’t get a license to carry in Maryland. But Delaware does issue CCDW permits, but since it’s may-issue I don’t know if they’d actually issue to an 18 year old.

6 thoughts on “Minimum Age to Carry”

  1. Md is 18 since 18 year old can get jobs as securiiy guards and security guards can get a LTC.

    MD makes it difficult but certain classes can get a LTC.

    MD has no minimun age to hunt either. In fact the youngest to get a bear was a Maryland child

  2. Remember that federal law requires written permission from both parents in order for a minor to use a firearm. The law also requires both parents to not be prohibited persons.

  3. While you have to be 21 in KY, the state honors Indiana permits for Hoosiers between 18 and 20 years old. There was a case about fifteen years ago and the KY courts found for the State of Indiana and the 19 year old who had been carrying.

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