We’re Having an Effect

This article by my favorite Inky columnist, Monica Yant Kinney, is what you’d expect from her, but also shows we’re having an effect:

NRA members all over Ellport received the same postcard and dutifully followed instructions to harass Cisco. The harshest threats were anonymous; those who left a name got a call back offering a personal visit from the mayor to “tell my side of the story.”

NRA spokeswoman Alexa Fritts would not say how many postcards went out, but she insisted the “education campaign” was not meant to intimidate.

Still, Fritts said that survival-minded mayors did have cause for concern: “They know it’s not smart to be on the wrong side of the gun issue.”

That’s good. They are hearing from us. If they don’t leave, we must be vigilant, and teach them a lesson on election day. This is an interesting claim though:

A funny thing happened amid all the fearmongering: Fourteen Pennsylvania mayors left the group, but 25 joined in spite of the pressure.

Really? We’ve been keeping careful watch on MAIG’s numbers here in Pennsylvania, and if 25 new mayors have joined, it’s news to us. MAIG certainly hasn’t posted 25 new members in Pennsylvania on their site. Does Ms. Kinney have a source for this? Perhaps we should ask her.

9 thoughts on “We’re Having an Effect”

  1. If she’s still repeating the “450 members” line, that’s pretty much proof-positive she’s got no clue what she’s talking about.

  2. I sent her an e mail explaining my disappointment with her research and her biased presentation.

    I was polite and professional, and asked for a response. I will let you know if any response returns.

  3. Response received below.


    Thanks for the note. And, for reading.

    I don’t dispute that the Mayors group works alongside Brady; I’m on the email listserv for both and have seen as much.
    But I do disagree with your presumption of both organizations’ ultimate goals.

    As for the statistics I cited, please note that the loss of 14 mayors being mitigated with a gain of 25 was for Pennsylvania only.

    Thanks again for weighing in. Ask around. I respond to everyone who does. (And many aren’t anywhere as near as polite as you’ve been.)

    Monica Yant Kinney

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