Misleading Media Reports

The media is issuing reports that would seem to indicate that Bulls Eye Shooter Supply is losing its FFL.  Bulls Eye was the shop where John Allen Mohammad shoplifted his rifle from before going on a sniping rampage with it on the DC Beltway.

According to Dave Workman, that’s not the truth, or at least not the whole truth. The FFL of the previous owner of Bulls Eye Shooter Supply has been revoked, and upheld. The business was sold to a new owner, who has cleaned up its act, and has an FFL issued to him.  The new owners still have a valid FFL and are in business.

More evidence the media needs to spend more time trying to understand how the federal licensing system works, so they don’t inadvertently punish or smear someone who’s not even remotely culpable in the original malfeasance.

One thought on “Misleading Media Reports”

  1. Robert Heinlein, the Sci Fi author wrote in one of his books of memoirs that on two occasions he was at some location where an event of international significance occurred, and on neither occasion did TIME magazine get the facts right. I see that ever more publications are following the lead of TIME.

    And these people went to school to be able to do this! They’re supposed to be able to write!

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