Gun Rights Advancing in Delaware

New Castle County is considering a Katrina bill, and it goes to show how it doesn’t take much to make a change to government at the local level:

Tansey is not a gun owner himself, but says he was approached by Brandt Farley, a constituent active in the National Rifle Association who pointed out what he believes are shortcomings in the county code.

Farley, who also owns First State Firearms, said language that gives the county executive the right to place “limitations upon the carrying or stockpiling of firearms, weapons or ammunition” is out of step with state and federal statutes.

“Delaware state law prevents other municipalities from passing patchwork gun laws,” Farley said.

“The concern is that what happened during [Hurricane] Katrina in New Orleans, where Louisiana passed a law that prohibited the accumulation of guns, doesn’t happen here,” Tansey said.

One guy, and they are looking to change the law. I hope we see more of this, particularly with the Bloomberg mayors.

One thought on “Gun Rights Advancing in Delaware”

  1. I was also successful at getting a local (preempted) ban on carry repealed.

    I made one call to the city manager, he and the police chief reviewed the city code and state law, then they put a motion to revise the code on the very next city council meeting agenda.

    The changes were made as quickly as possible.

    Of course, other cities and counties in my state have taken the fight to the courts and had their illegal laws changed “the hard way.”

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