More Fight in California

With Nordyke’s En Banc hearing happening as we speak, there’s more going on in the Golden State that will have serious consequences. California is essentially on the verge of making it virtually impossible to remain there and still be a competitive shooter, hunter, or other type of enthusiast.

Sitting on the Governator’s desk are two bills, one to outlaw gun shows at cow palace, SB585, and the other to create a detailed regulatory and registration system for ammo that will ban internet sales, AB962.  See this flyer about telling Schwarzenegger to veto these bills.

Howard Nemerov is reporting that Cabela’s is getting on board pressuring the Governor by saying they will stop selling ammunition in California if this is signed into law. I suspect a lot other ammo vendors will too, as the costs to comply with this are going to be high.  This isn’t a lost cause, as Schwarzenegger has been willing to veto similar bills in the past, so he might help us out here. But folks need to call.

6 thoughts on “More Fight in California”

  1. I know it would never happen, but it would be helpful if all dealers banded together and refused to sell any ammo to any California government agency if this were to pass.

  2. Based on our current company policy, passage of that law would also mean that Cheaper Than Dirt! would not sell ammunition to California AT ALL. Not just to civilians, but we would be forced to cease sales to all government law enforcement agencies located in California.

  3. I’ve been trying to call all day — busy signal. Hope that’s a good sign.

  4. Mailed and Emailed the Gov the day it passed. Just brought up the fact that if he signed the bill into law that I would continue to transfer ammo as I have in the past (Private citizens are barred from the transfer of ammo), and that if brought to court on charges I would fight it all the way to D.C..

    I often take new shooters to the range and introduce them to the world of responsible gun ownership, In doing this I transfer over 400 rounds of ammo that I own. A gift from one person to another is a transfer. Knowledge of personal responsibility and common sense with a firearm is also transferred at the range, but as of this date no one in Sacramento has passed a law that would make either of those a crime. But it would be nice if they used a little common sense when they draft and vote on bills like AB962 through.

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