A Loss Doesn’t Mean Nothing is Being Done

From today’s Shooting Wire:

Despite pleas from California’s firearms proponents, three anti-firearm bills squeaked in just before the end of the legislative session, were passed, and are now headed for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk. At this point, should he not veto them, ammunition registration (AB962), added retailer paperwork (SB 41) and the prohibitions on gun shows in the Cow Palace exhibition center (SB 585) will be signed into law, and gun owners will have lost three more battles.

The California Association of Firearm Retailers and the National Shooting Sports Foundation fought against these pieces of bad legislation. Another organization, the National Rifle Association, was conspicuously absent. Now, it’s up to residents and concerned citizens to persuade Schwarzenegger to veto them.

The best way to do that is to give him plenty of feedback- respectful feedback – asking that he veto AB 962, SB 41 and SB 585. You can call his office at (916) 455-2841, fax it at (916) 455-3160, or email him at: http://gov.ca./interact.

Emphasis mine.  Jeez Jim, are you getting your information from Larry Pratt these days?  I will admit that I do not follow California politics that closely, but just doing a bit of looking you have this, this, this, and this.  Not to mention Ed Worley, the NRA lobbyist for California has appeared on Cam’s show several times over the past few weeks to talk about what’s been going on in Sacramento.  Just because we lost doesn’t mean NRA isn’t there. California’s a tough state.  We don’t have much to work with, and we all know that.  I’m open to criticism of NRA’s strategy in California, but as with most criticism I see out there of NRA, this one isn’t based in reality.

3 thoughts on “A Loss Doesn’t Mean Nothing is Being Done”

  1. Are they claiming that CRPA was absent from the debate, as well, or just disingenuously relying on the fact that the NRA’s Cali affiliate isn’ *called* NRA?

  2. I sent my letter to Arnold emphasizing the cost of losing litigation that the ammo requirements would engender. More money for Alan I hope!

  3. If these pass into law, sounds as if Kalifornication gun owners need to find ways to (ahem) semi-legally circumvent these unjust laws.
    Small example? A group of gun owners need to band together, with one of them who travels out-of-state often (a truck driver?). Pool your money & place your order. When the traveler goes out of state, he/she purchases the requested ammo & other items. Upon return, all is distributed & accounts settled. Repeat as often as necessary. Avoid AB962 & SB41.

    Other means will be thought of by the resourceful, I’m sure.

    My condolences to the in-state retailers. They’re stuck in the middle between a vicious state & pissed-off customers.

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