More on the Media Spectacle of MAIG

SayUncle airs concerns over the lack of media coverage on mayors who are departing Bloomberg’s anti-gun group. Since I wanted to do a tally for someone else looking for a biased slant, here’s a tally at where we stand on headlines:

Supporting Mayors who are Staying Put
Edler notes NRA pressure to quit Mayors Against Illegal Guns (WA)
NRA wants York mayor to quit gun group (PA)
Mayor stands up to NRA pressure (SC)
Rhinelander Mayor Responds to “Anti-Gun” Accusations (WI)
NRA slams Jones (AL)
NRA slams mayor’s ties to gun control group (SC)
Henry resists heat from NRA (IN)
Mayor attacked by NRA (WI)
NRA mailer targeting Roefaro hits local mailboxes (NY)
Mayor Fretti joined “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (GA)
NRA targets Walaker’s gun position (ND)
What We Think: A lesson on civility (GA)
NRA targets Riley affiliation (SC)
Riley stands by membership in group targeted by NRA (SC)
Walaker gets off best shot (ND)
SC mayor targeted by NRA for illegal guns stance (SC)
“Mayors Against Illegal Guns” under fire (AL)
NRA criticizes SC mayors for joining group that fights illegal guns (SC)
Praise Mayors Against Illegal Guns for tackling a problem (WA)
White roses and thorns (PA)
Pro-gun V’land mayor under attack by NRA (NJ)
NRA campaigns to get N.J. mayors off Mayors Against Illegal Guns, report says (NJ)
NRA can’t persuade Elizabethtown leader (PA)
More detail about that gun group debate among Yakima council members (WA)
Common sense missing from illegal gun arguments (SC)
Mean Streets of Mobile (AL)
Council won’t cap paying Ensey legal fees (WA)
Mayor discusses MAIG (PA)
NRA Versus Mayors Against Illegal Guns (FL)
NRA has sights on BG Mayor Walker (KY)

On Mayors who Resigned
Wiggins Denies Being Member Of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition (IN)
Pa. mayor quits organization after NRA mailing (PA)
Weekend Wrap (NY)
East Berlin mayor’s gun group affiliation raises ire (PA)
Jardine: NRA takes aim at mayor (CA)
Gun debate targets East Berlin mayor (PA)

Mixed Coverage*
NRA takes aim at Akron mayor (PA)
Support Bouley (NH)
Anti-gun group counts some local mayors as its members (PA)
Louras no friend of gun rights (VT)
NRA spokeswoman: Mayor was listed as member of anti-gun group (NM)
‘Are You Now or Have You Ever Been …?’ (NM)

*Mixed is defined even as covering mayors who are still in the group, but written by pro-gun people asking them to leave, coverage of multiple mayors who have taken different courses of action, and a really weird one out of NH that wasn’t even relevant.

Overwhelmingly, the mixed stories are by gun owners writing letters to the editor in order to get coverage that their local paper seemingly won’t cover.

You would never know by this breakdown in headlines that Bloomberg was touting more than 450 mayors a few weeks ago, and now he’s losing them so quickly that he removed the counter from his website and put up a plea for more members. In the Pennsylvania coverage, no one has mentioned that the state coalition is down by more than 15% in just two weeks.

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  1. In the Jardine (CA) article, it mentions two additional CA mayors who resigned recently, but does not name them. Do you happen to know who they were?

  2. Whoops, the Modesto Bee column actually mentioned that **three** other CA mayors who resigned that weekend. Any info on those three would be appreciated.

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