Get Ready for Media Cover for MAIG

This from the Yakima Herald in Yakima, Washington:

So he signed a pledge, as have more than 450 other mayors from 40 states across the nation, to find ways to keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill and juveniles.

Nothing wrong with that, right?

Not so fast. The National Rifle Association says the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the nonpartisan group that Yakima’s mayor joined, is nothing more than another thinly veiled attempt to limit gun ownership — this time by trying to regulate private gun shows out of existence.

Except the Yakima Herald doesn’t seem to realize what a snow job Bloomberg has pulled over on these mayors.  His group has very little to do with illegal guns, and that’s apparent just looking at their issues list to anyone reasonably well researched in gun control policy. Lautenberg’s gun show bill, which they support, goes way farther than just regulating private sales, and is aimed solely at making gun shows, or any place where firearms are transferred, so legally risky as to effectively put them out of business.   That’s not even mentioning their support for eliminating your right to bear arms based on your presence on a secret government list with no due-process or recourse through the court system.

Gun owners need to call these mayors to task for supporting this nonsense.  Don’t let them get away with just repeating Bloomberg’s snow job.  Point out to your mayor exactly what they are doing in his or her name.   Definitely don’t be these guys:

“It’s like talking to a stone wall,” he said.

He’d prefer Brenner not be in the mayors’ group, he said, “but you know . . . that’s only one opinion.”

Ron Scheeler, an NRA member from Springettsbury Township, said he received the card, too, but didn’t call.

The retired state police commander said he still has a permit to carry a gun.

“I believe I have a right to do this,” he said. “I also believe people have a right to state their point of view also.”

These guys are why we lose.  Elected officials have a right to an opinion, but they don’t have a right to represent their opinions on behalf of your town, nor do they have a right to continue to serve in the capacity as mayor.  If your town has a MAIG mayor, make life difficult for them.  All it takes is a few squeaky wheels.

4 thoughts on “Get Ready for Media Cover for MAIG”

  1. Hey, I got 2 cards to contact “my” mayor. The only problem, neither mayor was my mayor.

    1. I suspect there’s something odd about your address then, Kathy. I sort through our volunteer lists from NRA, and I couldn’t tell you what state house or senate districts half of them are in because how the post office determines city is far different than how the state and local governments do it.

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