Encouraging Activism

A Louisville barber is running a free gun promotion that some would assume to drum up business. But it appears he wants a little more from his customers than just a one-time haircut.

A customer at the Okolona barbershop will win a Romanian made AK-47. …

The more involved someone is with guns and gun rights, the more chances they have to win the $750 semi-automatic weapon.

“You get one ticket per customer. If you are an NRA member you get two. If you join the NRA you get six,” said Gooden.

Gooden said the promotion is not just about increasing business, though business is up.
“It’s not so much about the AK. It’s about the second amendment. That’s what I’m trying to do, raise awareness,” he said.

Apparently Gooden is a very outspoken supporter of our rights. The article says that his shop is decorated with hunting mounts and pro-gun hats. Good for Gooden.