InBev Eyeing up Anheuser-Busch

Thanks to reader Wai for sending this along.  This would not be good for gun rights, as A-B is a big contributor to shooting and outdoor related activities, and there’s a good chance that if they are acquired by a new Belgian master, they might not look too kindly on supporting gun rights.

This is why fighting gun control internationally is going to become more and more important.

5 Responses to “InBev Eyeing up Anheuser-Busch”

  1. Bitter says:

    Their conservation/hunting/gun donations would likely go first as part of the “cost cutting” measures.

  2. Ted In Bed says:

    Yep, look at what is happening with Walmart. Now that Sam Walton is gone, his company is now doing shady deals with Bloomberg.

  3. B Smith says:

    Damn. And I like Michelob, too.
    If InBev gets A-B, they better really work to cater to the American market. Wal-Mart doesn’t get any more of my dollars, and if InBev wants to play the same shitty games, I’ll start brewing my own.

  4. RedneckInNY says:

    If Anheuser Busch sells out, I’m switching to domestic wines. Then again, there’s always Yeungling I can fall back on. It’s America’s oldest brewery located in good old Pennsylvania, right near Cabela’s in Hamburg.

  5. Rob K says:

    I’d seen this news and found it amusing, but hadn’t thought about that aspect of it. As a beer drinker, InBev has a much better stable of beers than A-B, and I don’t particularly care for the “name war” A-B has fought with Budějovický Budvar.