InBev Eyeing up Anheuser-Busch

Thanks to reader Wai for sending this along.  This would not be good for gun rights, as A-B is a big contributor to shooting and outdoor related activities, and there’s a good chance that if they are acquired by a new Belgian master, they might not look too kindly on supporting gun rights.

This is why fighting gun control internationally is going to become more and more important.

5 thoughts on “InBev Eyeing up Anheuser-Busch”

  1. Their conservation/hunting/gun donations would likely go first as part of the “cost cutting” measures.

  2. Yep, look at what is happening with Walmart. Now that Sam Walton is gone, his company is now doing shady deals with Bloomberg.

  3. Damn. And I like Michelob, too.
    If InBev gets A-B, they better really work to cater to the American market. Wal-Mart doesn’t get any more of my dollars, and if InBev wants to play the same shitty games, I’ll start brewing my own.

  4. If Anheuser Busch sells out, I’m switching to domestic wines. Then again, there’s always Yeungling I can fall back on. It’s America’s oldest brewery located in good old Pennsylvania, right near Cabela’s in Hamburg.

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