Governor Ahnold signed the draconian ammo restrictions, but vetoed the two other bill. I guess next time if he’s going to split the difference, we should make sure he understands which bill we really want him to veto. The other two sucked, but we could have lived with the gun show ban and additional paperwork on guns. The ammo restrictions are going to make being a competitive shooter in California very difficult and very expensive. There’s always Nevada and Arizona. No doubt there will be lots of cars coming back into California with tires close to the wheel wells.

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  1. yeah, because as all the other laws have shown criminals will simply stop stealing and obey the law.

    Anyone else wonder if this might come up in oral arguments in the chicago case?

    1. That’s just a fantastic strategy to rely on – how many times has that backfired, Chris? Post-campaign finance, that’s really no excuse anymore.

  2. Forgive me, if I don’t get all the details exact, but if I remember correctly, when I lived in NY almost 40 years ago, I had to show ID and sign a journal to buy ammo. Only PD and NYC permit holders could buy pistol calibers, and for.22 you had to declare its use to be for a rifle. And we all know just how well that’s worked out over the years keeping the citizens safe.

  3. Bitter, Oh how I know that. I didn’t say it was a good idea, just that I figure that’s what he did.

    Arnie isn’t exactly one to take a stand on principle.

  4. Last time I drove through California I had to stop at an inspection point when I crossed the border. I had to produce identification and show them what was in my cooler. Good thing I don’t keep ammo in the cooler.

  5. You were accosted by our Fruit Nazis, ctr. They were looking for contraband apples and oranges and nectarines and what have you, to make sure you weren’t importing some kind of vegetable Ebola virus into the state.

  6. That’s a Roger dude on the Fruit Checkpoints.

    It’s not every day or year, but it does happen. Apparently fruit flies can’t cross the border unless they are in a vehicle.

  7. C’mon, Sebastian — aren’t you past the point where the insanity of the California state government surprises you? :)

  8. Anyway, as far as lawsuits go, I can’t see one succeeding. California has no state constitutional right-to-arms provision, and I’m pretty sure the Ninth Circus would decide that this is the kind of presumptively-constitutional regulation of firearms transactions that Heller authorizes.

  9. Really? There are fruit checkpoints in California?

    Yup, ever since the Medfly scare during the (previous?) Moonbeam Administration.

  10. Funny – I was reasonably sure that it was up to the Feds to regulate interstate commerce. (It required the 21st Amendment o allow states to prohibit crossborder importantion).

  11. No, it only requires federal regulation. The Commerce Clause provides that Congress may regulate interstate commerce. The dormant commerce clause – the theory that any state law that unduly burdens interstate commerce is unconstitutional – depends on Congress not having authorized the challenged state law. If they’ve authorized it, there is no Commerce Clause issue.

  12. Well, to own a pistol in CA, as I recall, you have to have a pistol permit anyway, so ordinary gun owners will be somewhat inconvenienced.

    Just wait until the records are combined in a huge ammo buyers’ database, and then purchase quantities of pistol ammo become limited to x rounds per year.

    If it wasn’t for geography, California could easily be part of Europe.

  13. I wonder if they asked NJ how well their ammo purchase registry worked? (Admittedly, we don’t have the ban on out-of-state purchase, nor the fingerprint requirement).

    I currently can’t buy handgun ammo in-state because I still haven’t gotten my ticket back after moving…

  14. To own a pistol in CA does NOT require a pistol permit.
    You DO have to get a stupid thing called a Handgun Safety Certificate in order to purchase a handgun.
    It has a five-year expiry date and shows you have taken a stupid multiple choice test about the many fruity and obscure CA gun- and safe-storage laws – but when it lapses your ownership of the gun does not become illegal.
    You fill out the same BATF form as anybody else in any other State when you purchase a handgun or a rifle – if that’s what you call registration.
    If it wasn’t for Easterners who moved here to go to College at Berkeley and UCLA, CA, would be free like Texas – but Texas was already its own Country before it joined The Union, so it had a culture of it’s own. We had a bunch of golddiggers who’d shoot you in the back – who all came from Back East…

    Anyhow this thing cannot pass muster and will die stillborn. As written it specifically attempts to regulates the routes and services of Common Carriers – which is already preempted by Federal statutes in more than a few indicies. The Supreme Court already unanimously ruled that laws that regulate delivery by Common Carriers are preempted.
    It’s a going to die – but it’s also going to provide more and stronger good case-law holes in the anti-gun laws that it undermines. The preparation for this has been in the works for a while.
    You guys do know that CA has been a hotbed of AR building activity lately, don’t you?

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