Fourth Fireworks

One of my neighbors around the corner seems to have cornered the market on contraband fireworks, because he put on a pretty impressive display.  I heard a scream come from the guy, but I think it’s because he got sprayed with a glittery firework, because he resumed setting them off.  Either that or he’ll wake up tomorrow with a hangover, and no thumb.

To everyone in my neighborhood lighting off contraband fireworks: your wonton disregard for laws against fun, and the politicians and buraucrats who wish to protect you make you great Americans.

8 Responses to “Fourth Fireworks”

  1. B Smith says:

    Hear, hear !! Long Live the Revolution !!

    Happy Independence Day, everyone.

  2. mike w. says:

    Yeah, they were busting people today for coming over the state line from PA back into DE after buying illegal fireworks.

  3. Doctor S. says:

    I set off quite a show for the kids tonight. I can’t believe what is legal in our state! I hope the neighbors houses don’t catch on fire!

  4. Earl Turner says:

    I bought what I initially believed were bottle rockets as I was passing through Virginia last month, only to discover tonight that all they do is just emit a shower of sparks upward instead of flying skyward and exploding as bottle rockets normally would.

    Does anybody know what’s up with the fireworks being sold in Virginia? Are the ones that fly up and/or explode (M-80’s, bottle rockets, etc.) banned from being sold in this state?

  5. jones says:

    Any one from a state where 1/4 sticks are legal? They are not in Wisconsin, and I can see why.

  6. Crazy Anon Guy says:

    M80s, cherry bombs, and quarter sticks are contraband in the United States. Technically, they are not legal in any state.

  7. I was irritated as all get out over the local bans, but South Texas hasn’t seen any significant rain for about two years. I know my yard looks less like grass and more like I’m raising straw. I get nervous when folks flick cigarette butts around here…

    So I added insult to injury and went to the small town fireworks display, which was somehow perfectly legal and (ironically) put on by the FD.

    ‘Salright, though. When a five-year-old girl stares at the sky and says, “WOOOOWWWW!” alot, other stuff kinda goes away:)


  8. RAH says:

    Every since 1990’s I have bought fireworks and done my own. One year we went to Lewes DE on the beach and every one had immense displays. Mortors and tubes that went up over 300 feet. We had a sort of competition. We stopped when they sent a helicopter to check it out.The year before we tried to get a permit and was told just do it on the beach like everyone else, but I guess the beach folk had too large of display. Funny enough the night before we did a large display on the South River in Annapolis( Annapolis was doing it on the 3rd) and so did the neighbors on either side of the river. Sure enough we got the attention of DNR and a warning. Thankfully we had already shot off the big stuff.

    This year we kept tradtion and went down to the bulkead and dock and set up the motors 150-200 feet double shot, repeaters and rockets and tubes (200-300) The neighbors across the river had a better display but I was using the remnants from two years ago. We kept a watch with binoculors for DNR and a neighbor had a boat at the intersection of the creek and river to watch display. No warning tickets this year.

    So we all enjoyed a celebration of our rebel sentiments.

    By the way Phantom Fireworks have a great sale and quality of stuff. They are in PA and sell to out of state buyers.


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