Not So Popular Now, Eh?

Apparently sixty eight percent of Pennsylvanians don’t think our Guv is doing that great a job:

Sixty-eight percent of those surveyed say the two-term Democrat is doing a fair or poor job, compared to 29 percent who gave him a good or excellent rating. That’s an historic low for Rendell.

I almost get the feeling Rendell stopped trying after he got reelected.  After 2006, and after a huge defeat of Lynn Swann, he figured he didn’t have to work to please anyone, or worry about pissing voters off royally.   Now that rooster is coming home to roost.  If I were a Democratic hopeful for the Governor’s seat in 2010, I’d be more than a bit unhappy with Rendell’s behavior.  Pennsylvania has oscillated back and forth between Democratic and Republican governors since World War II.  Rendell seems to be doing everything he can to ensure that trend continues.

One thought on “Not So Popular Now, Eh?”

  1. I’m starting to think 2010 will be the year of booting the bums out. Which will change Georgia from Republican to Democrat and PA/NJ from Democrat to Republican.

    Both parties are responsible for the mess we are in and there is a commonality between the two: a political royal class.

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