Specter Getting Snubbed on Dem Endorsements?

Arlen Specter has to be a sad panda too these days:

After fiercely lobbying Specter to make the switch, Rendell himself has been uncharacteristically silent on the issue. He issued a relatively tepid statement more than a day after Specter made his announcement, and has yet to appear publicly with the Senator.

Fast Eddie is going to want to see whether the horse has any life in him before he bets on it.  If the grassroot dems keep demanding a competitive primary, that might be a wise move.  Surely Rendell understands Specter’s value in holding a seat for Democrats, but Rendell surely would prefer someone in the seat that’s more left too.

3 thoughts on “Specter Getting Snubbed on Dem Endorsements?”

  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Hope he gets his butt kicked, and royally.

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