Just Picked up a Remington M1903-A3

A guy at the club was selling an M1903-A3 for a really good price, so despite the fact that I really shouldn’t be spending the money right now, I picked it up.  It’s in really good condition.  A beautiful rifle.  Serial number indicates date of manucature is 1942:




Now I just need to find a vintage rifle match, though I can shoot it in our club’s CMP matches.

10 thoughts on “Just Picked up a Remington M1903-A3”

  1. Why not help run a vintage rifle relay as an addition to your club’s CMP match? Maybe additional special interests might emerge from the woodwork, like people interested in a “carbine” match, to shoot SKSs and AKs, etc.,

  2. A local Cabela’s had a bunch of 1903s (not A3s) priced at $1150 and up. And they looked like crap, particularly the wood, the bores and the muzzle crowns.

    Looks like a nice clean rifle you have there. Enjoy!

  3. May we ask how much?

    A gentleman at our club meeting the other night had a 1903A4 with original scope, in “drool on your shirt” condition, for $2300. Very very nice, but way out of my price range this summer.

  4. Don’t know if you cast or not, but mine shoots very well for practice loads with a 150-grain gas-check bullet and 16.0 grains of 2400; light recoil and low noise. You do have to set the rear sight to around 500 to have it on POI at 100 yards.

  5. Good price from what I’ve seen out here, and your condition looks real nice. Jealous. I’d have jumped on it too.

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