Just Picked up a Remington M1903-A3

A guy at the club was selling an M1903-A3 for a really good price, so despite the fact that I really shouldn’t be spending the money right now, I picked it up.  It’s in really good condition.  A beautiful rifle.  Serial number indicates date of manucature is 1942:




Now I just need to find a vintage rifle match, though I can shoot it in our club’s CMP matches.

10 Responses to “Just Picked up a Remington M1903-A3”

  1. Jessup says:

    Why not help run a vintage rifle relay as an addition to your club’s CMP match? Maybe additional special interests might emerge from the woodwork, like people interested in a “carbine” match, to shoot SKSs and AKs, etc.,

  2. Carl in Chicago says:

    A local Cabela’s had a bunch of 1903s (not A3s) priced at $1150 and up. And they looked like crap, particularly the wood, the bores and the muzzle crowns.

    Looks like a nice clean rifle you have there. Enjoy!

  3. JamesLee says:


  4. BillH says:

    May we ask how much?

    A gentleman at our club meeting the other night had a 1903A4 with original scope, in “drool on your shirt” condition, for $2300. Very very nice, but way out of my price range this summer.

  5. Sebastian says:

    700, and he threw on a box of ammo.

  6. Sebastian says:

    Jessup: Not a bad idea. We already run a Garand match on some days. Maybe I’ll talk to the organizer about it.

  7. Firehand says:

    Don’t know if you cast or not, but mine shoots very well for practice loads with a 150-grain gas-check bullet and 16.0 grains of 2400; light recoil and low noise. You do have to set the rear sight to around 500 to have it on POI at 100 yards.

  8. NMM1AFan says:

    Congratulations, looks like a nice rifle.


  9. BillH says:

    Good price from what I’ve seen out here, and your condition looks real nice. Jealous. I’d have jumped on it too.

  10. FatWhiteMan says:

    I covet your Springfield.