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I feel bad that Bitter’s lengthy and thorough work at researching a strategy that could be used to cut Mayor Bloomberg’s MAIG group down to size kind of got lost in the open carry hubbub from yesterday.  For those that might have missed it, a summary can be found at the other site we run for EVC activities,

For those who’d like to see the whole thing, you can start following at this post here, and follow the links at the bottom.  Bitter has spent a lot of time on this, and on helping keeping the blog going in general when I’ve been too busy to do research, to look things up, or to go searching for news stories.  She’s my behind the scenes correspondent most of the times, even when she’s not posting herself.

5 thoughts on “Summary of the Bloomberg Posts”

  1. Even though I didn’t comment, I did find the posts to be very interesting and well thought out.

  2. “Others don’t really know what they signed up for – accounts by some former Bloomberg mayors suggest that it is sold as a group that really does focus on crime issues …”

    Always has been sold that way. And no, lots of people are not aware that instead of being anti-crime it is simply (??) anti-gun.

    My search skills are too limited to find it, but a few years back Bloomers-in-a-twist was ranting about how difficult it was for police to know if a gun was fake or real so even toy guns must be banned – the accompanying picture showed him holding up a lime-green translucent water pistol…

    1. That’s been linked in the comments to the posts already. As I pointed out to others, I wanted to focus on Pennsylvania since we’re responsible for almost a quarter of the mayors. I also don’t want to rush to declare victory, as some seemed to be willing to do with that one example. However, it does highlight my example that sites on a higher office are a great way to make a mayor open their eyes to the political liabilities.

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