Races to Watch

Virginia Shooting Sports Association notes that Creigh Deeds is trying to manufacture a controversy over a confederate flag being shown in the background of a Bob McDonnell booth at the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show.  The flag is pretty clearly behind the booth, not in it.  Dave notes that the big story is that Deeds wasn’t even there:

Deeds missed an excellent opportunity to reach out to over 20,000 sportsmen and women. I don’t recall even seeing a booth. Both Tim Kaine and Mark Warner had a campaign booth at the show when they ran for Governor and Warner had a booth last year when he ran for the U.S. Senate.

I was looking for whether Deeds would return back to being more friendly after moving left for the Democratic primary, but that does not appear to be the case.  Given that, it’s looking like Bob McDonnell is going to be the pro-gun candidate for this fall in the Virginia gubernatorial election.  It doesn’t say good things about you when even Tim Kaine tried harder to at least go through the motions.

Next up we have the latest accusation from the Corzine campaign over in New Jersey.  The accusation being that Christie may, at some point in the past, talked with Karl Rove about running for Governor.  Corzine’s camp seems to be arguing that this is clearly the case of Christie being a Bush toadie, and that even speaking to the evil Mr. Karl Rove poisons your soul forever.  One wonders whether all the conversations Governor Corzine has had with his Wall Street buddies might have rubbed some evil off on him?  Sounds to me like Corzine is desparate to try to get something, anything to stick to Chris Christie.

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  1. Mad Saint Jack says:

    I’d like to know what you think of Harry Reid’s chances?