Mass Murder Suicide

At a local gym out near Bridgeville, PA, which is in Western Pennsylvania, a guy kills a bunch of people then offs himself.  His web page, which I won’t link here, because I have a no publicity for assholes policy, is whaky.  I did link it on twitter for those who follow me.

Gyms are relatively soft targets, which follows the trend for these losers.  There are still people in critical condition.  Let us hope and pray they end up well.  The next big risk are the copycats, which always seem to follow.

5 thoughts on “Mass Murder Suicide”

  1. Reason number #149 why I don’t have a gym membership – it’s impossible to conceal a handgun while you’re in gym clothes, and leaving it the relatively unsecured locker just isn’t an option. I’d rather spend the money to build out my robust home gym.

  2. I did read this shooter’s blog already, and it seems to me that there’s at least one similarity between this guy and that Virginia Tech killer, along with possibly a few others whom I can’t quite remember as well right now.

    These guys simply seem to be ones who either have never been laid in their whole lives or, in this case, just not been laid lately. (The shooter did explicitly state on his blog that he had not had any relationships, nor intimate relations, with any women since the early 1980’s.) Sadly, this leads them to become bitter and angry, so they begin to plot their vengeful killing sprees.

    Anyway, the anti-gunners and hoplophobes are just as likely soon going to try using this incident to further their own agenda as they always do – by focusing strictly on whatever firearms the shooter owned and/or used to commit his crimes, how he obtained them, etc., but not on the points which I raised above.

    Somehow, I can only hope that people in general will gradually develop a better sense of spotting certain behaviors in potential mass murderers BEFORE they lash out like this guy did. I’ll bet that this mass murderer in Bridgeville was sending out a few signals here and there to people who knew him in real life, but nobody said or did anything when a real difference could have been made about it.

  3. The bigger risk is that this shooting has given more fuel for the Brady Campaign.

    It looks like his website has been shut down, or perhaps it has crashed from the unexpected surge in traffic.

  4. Alex, the bradyistas always seize on things like this…SOP for them…every gun crime committed by twits gives fuel to them.

    Caleb – friend of mine pocket carries a Walther PPS…and I didn’t even know about it (or today’s events) until he told me in the gym today…funny the way it is. Then again, you don’t have to wear those top-of-the-line adidas/underarmor/nikejustdoit shorts, you can wear cargo shorts and be fine with it…

    Ronnie – sad, isn’t it, how no one seems to notice each other’s problems, not that we should force people to, but at least get people to care more about each other rather than act in such a way that made this guy withdraw into himself. Worse comes to worse, any time the media broadcasts something like this, it’s only going to create more copycats and more ways to duck the screening…when will they ever learn?

  5. Cargo shorts are a no go for my exercise routine, they’re way to baggy and waaaaay too hot for me to be comfortable in doing Crossfit.

    What I really want is one of those NAA Black Widows in .22 Magnum for when i’m running.

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