So Much for McCain the RINO

I stated previously that one of the reason I supported McCain quite strongly last fall, despite the fact that McCain was kind of blah for me, was because he’d nominate better people than Sotomayor.  Some folks were skeptical of this assertion, but I think McCain’s announcement that he’ll be a no vote on Sotomayor backs up the assertion that he’d have better taste in federal judges.

I am happy to see this.  NRA took a great gamble endorsing his candidacy for President in the 2008 election, and I’m quite happy to see him standing with us on Sotomayor.  McCain is not always a reliable conservative, and I hate his position on campaign finance reform, but he’s more conservative than a lot of folks give him credit for.

8 thoughts on “So Much for McCain the RINO”

  1. I suspect that mccain and graham got together and flipped a coin to see you got to vote no and who had to vote yes.

  2. If McCain had acted like he has talked when speaking to NRA members the last two years, he might have had more active support among conservatives last year.

  3. emfdl:

    It’s not going to be close enough for that kind of vote trading to happen. Given that it’ll be up to the political sense of the individual senator. If you look at the polling on Sotomayor, that came out before McCain announced, it makes sense that McCain feels he can vote no, and Graham feels like he has to vote yes. Black voters are going 82 to 15 percent in favor of Sotomayor, and South Carolina has the one of the largest African-American populations in the country, I think something like 30%. Arizona has a large population of Hispanics, about 30%, i believe, but polling shows hispanics have split on her 47 to 43%, which isn’t that far off the population as a whole.

  4. Graham would be taking a much bigger risk on voting no than McCain would, if the polling is accurate. Graham may not ever get much of the black vote on South Carolina, but he also won’t want to anger them, so they show up at the polls on election day. It’s a turnout game, again.

  5. “…but he’s more conservative than a lot of folks give him credit for.”

    Don’t make me vomit, Sebastian. John McCain would have picked his “beloved” Joe Liberman to be his VP if he’d been doing better in the polls at that point. You’ll notice that nearly all of his support appeared AFTER the RNC forced Sarah Palin on him. Like forcing a toddler to get a Flu vaccination.

    If John McCain is a “conservative” on any level, then I’m a proud Socialist. This is why so many people who are inclined to vote for Republicans describe themselves as “Libertarians” because they don’t want the stink of the John McCains of the world rubbing off on their image.

  6. John McCaine is just as liberal as Obama is.
    In all honesty if John McCaine beat Obaam in 2008 do you honestly think that McCaine would win Re-election?
    The answer is “No” Then who would deal with from there?
    Just remember it took 4years of Jimmy Carter to get 8years of Ronald Regan. It will take 4 years of Obama to get Ron Paul as the next President or so I hope.

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