We’re Here!

Bitter and I have arrived in Louisville.  I can see the Brady Campaign is already making some hay out of McCain’s appearance.  I mean, with both Democratic candidates running away from their issue like roaches from the kitchen light, you’d think they wouldn’t be surprised to find John McCain moving away from it too.

The fact of the matter is, Brady Campaign, McCain needs us to win.  He knows that.  So we’re only happy to let him come here, and try to mend some fences.  Obama and Hillary like to say they are for the second amendment, but at the least McCain is willing to come into the lions den and try to make peace with the gun vote.  Will it work?  We’ll see in November, but looking at either Hillary or Obama’s record on gun rights gives him a pretty hefty head start.

5 thoughts on “We’re Here!”

  1. I think that sticker I saw a couple weeks ago (on another site, think it was The Bitch Girls) says it all:”F^*K IT! McCAIN ’08 The least repulsive Democrat running” While I welcome the thought that he’s at least *listening* to gun-owners, I won’t forget McCain-Feingold or his past compromises, in the name of appeasement. I’ve always wondered how a veteran, particularly a former POW, could relinquish so easily the very freedoms he suffered to defend, and sell us down the river as well.
    Should you get the chance, I’d like you to relay a message to folks for me while you’re there: MOLON LABE. I’m tired of the gradual erosion of rights, and my toes now touch my ‘line in the sand’. All my firearms are currently legal, and I’m not a bad person by any reasonable standard—no criminal record, substance abuse, I’m a Citizen in Good Standing. As such, I refuse to stand idly while the government goons bicker, fret, and plot to steal my property under color of law. Ever argument for gun control has been presented repeatedly, soundly defeated, and the results ignored by our ‘representatives’.I will not relinquish a single gun, and if that isn’t acceptable to jackals in Washington DC, tough shit. You want my guns, come take them from me. End of message.

    P.S.—Love your blog. Thanks, and keep up the excellent work!

  2. I’m soon to be adding a new gun to my collection – a Kimber Eclipse Custom II in 10mm chambering. Fuckin’-A!!!

  3. Sounds like tons of fun. I tried to talk my wife into letting me go this year but she exercised her veto power – seems she has other priorities in mind for our spending money right now. Oh well, you win some, you loose a bunch. I WILL be at next years event here in my home State of Arizona since I won’t have to fly. I’m glad you’re blogging about the convention because I can see it through your eyes. Have fun!

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