Plaxico Burris Indicted

New York Times has the story here.  I’ll be honest, I think he deserves some legal punishment for the negligent discharge.  I would even accept some jail time, because I think an ND in a crowded night club because you don’t know how to properly carry your gat is worth some punishment.  But if I were on the Grand Jury, I would have voted to no bill him and let him walk.  While I think Burris ought to be punished for irresposible gun handling, carrying a firearm for personal protection is his right, and New York City infringes on that right, and is looking to make an example of Burris, lest the rest of us peons get it in our head we have a right to defend ourselves outside the blessings of the City of New York and Michael Bloomberg.

3 thoughts on “Plaxico Burris Indicted”

  1. The laws in NY suck, but he broke them. Should the laws only apply to people who aren’t professional athletes? He should get no special treatment, and should go to prison – just like you and I would. He is absolutely guilty. Be against the law, sure – but this guy willfully broke it.

  2. I don’t agree that the law is constitutional, and would, on a jury, vote to acquit any person, celebrity or no, for breaking them with no other criminal intent.

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