Roland Burris a Hypocrite on Guns

Jim Geraghty has dug up some information on Roland Burris record on guns.  Roland Burris being Blagoevich’s pick to take Obama’s seat.  Fortunatly, Harry Ried says he won’t seat him, or even let him onto the Senate floor.

2 Responses to “Roland Burris a Hypocrite on Guns”

  1. Xrlq says:

    I remember that story, as I was living in the Chicago area when it broke. IIRC Burris was running on a gun banning platform at the time, and promised that if he banned them as governor, *then* he’d turn in his own, too. How generous.

  2. Burr Deming says:

    As Attorney General, Roland Burris tried hard to have two men executed he knew to be innocent. As I see it, allowing himself to be used by a corrupt Governor is just another chance for Burris to sell his soul for higher office.