How Not to Win

Bitter seemed to not be having fun at the NRA range in Fairfax yesterday.  I was happy to find out she wasn’t looking pissed off because of me.  I tend to refer to loud mouth know it alls on the range as “range assholes”, and I tend to ignore them so I can get my shooting done.   I knew I was next to one of these types, but Bitter noticed the certificates that would indicate he was an actual instructor, there with a student.

A bit of background.  Bitter is an NRA certified instructor herself, who, like most other NRA certified instructors is very good at helping introduce new shooters into the shooting sports, or teach people interested how to safely employ a firearm in self-defense.  But there are bozos out there who manage to go through the instructor certification coursework, and head out into the world to ensure that people who are curious, and need a little guidance, never again want to touch a firearm in their lives.

I wasn’t paying as much attention to the bozo as Bitter was, because I had shooting that needed to be done.  But when she told me exactly what he had been telling, and doing, with his student, I was appalled. As evangelists for the shooting sports, but we have a great interest in driving the assholes out of the business of instructing.  So I will offer to anyone, that if you ever have a bad experience with an NRA certified instructor, let me know.  I will be happy to assist you in making sure other folks out there are aware of your experience.  The vast majority of  instructors are fine people who are good at what they do, but I’m very much interested in getting the bad apples out of the bushel, before they spoil the whole bunch.  It’s only by getting more people interested in shooting that we’ll win this in the long run.

7 thoughts on “How Not to Win”

  1. Disappointed & aggravated to read that somebody like this is an instructor. Some women I gave the course to were very apprehensive for their first few shots, but became comfortable very quickly. By the end of an hour, they were almost all quite good shooters (using .22’s).

    I can say that every woman I’ve given a course to has enjoyed it. At least that’s what they’ve told me. They wouldn’t lie, right? Ok, now I’m getting concerned about my performance issues…


  2. Recently, had a lady in class, that told me right up front that she was anti handgun, but her boyfriend had left his gun in his truck when she borrowed it, & she did not want to take the chance of getting arrested if it happened again, & she got stopped.
    When the rangetime came I put her through 100 rounds of 22,
    then his 40 (about 3 shots)
    Then she shot 3 of my 9mm, she had no misses.
    When she left that evening, she expressed a desire to go to a gunshow the following day, & has decided to hone her newly aquired skills, with a new 22, & later when she finds the right fit a 9mm.

  3. My wife and I were at the NRA range Sunday between 11:00 and noon – lane 4. Didn’t see anything untoward then. BTW she’s over there this evening taking the last part of her basic pistol course so she can get her VA CHP. She had nothing but praise for her instructors last night.

  4. There’s a very simple solution if you run into an NRA instructor that has no place teaching people. Walk up and tell them that you’re self taught, and as such, you’d love to finally take some actual lessons. At that point, as if they have a card, or whatever other means you choose to get their name.

    Once you’ve accomplished that…..REPORT THE BASTARD TO THE NRA. Enough complaints, and the twit loses his certification.

    Fortunately, I don’t really have to deal with bad instructors at my range down here in Virginia Beach. There are 6 NRA certified instructors that spend a great deal of time there, we’re all good friends, and we share ideas on how to help new shooters fall in love with the sport every time we’re together.

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