Statements from Antis

Another Gun Guy has a statement fromt the VPC, and the Brady Campaign are already promoting this great victory on their front page, and in this press release here.  It’s a strange, strange world where fifty-eight Senators voting for a stunningly pro-gun measure is touted as a great victory by anti-gun groups.  The Bradys even state their hope that perhaps now the Senate will address banning private sales of firearms.

UPDATE: Bryan Miller now too: “Today’s narrow victory for public safety over the profits of the gun industry should be celebrated by all New Jerseyans with any desire to make our homes, schools and communities safer from the scourge of gun violence.”  Yeah, go ask people in Camden or Trenton how safe they think New Jersey’s gun laws make them from the “scourge of gun violence.”

3 thoughts on “Statements from Antis”

  1. It’s just politics and policy of special interests. They claimed Heller was a great victory, too.

    Hell … NRA claimed that the failure to pass this amendment was a victory. I agree, it was, but at some level … if your bill passes, you claim victory, and if it fails, you claim defeat.

    I happen to be a glass-half-full person, myself, but a sincere one!

  2. Heh, one would think they would be too busy breathing massive sighs of relief to worry about little things like releasing pressers and whatnot.

    I suppose they could have been written beforehand… But, in any case, having the majority of a Democrat-controlled Senate against you has got to sting.

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