NRA-ILA: We’ll Be Back

A statement from Chris Cox Exec. Director of NRA-ILA:

“While we are disappointed that the 60 vote procedural hurdle was not met, the vote shows that a bipartisan majority agrees with the NRA.  We would like to thank Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) and Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), along with all senators who voted in favor of this amendment on both sides of the aisle. The efforts of these senators were not in vain, as the NRA will continue to work tirelessly to ensure this important legislation finds the right avenue to come before Congress once again.”

Emphasis mine.  If the anti-gun folks think they’ve seen the last of this bill, they would definitely appear to be mistaken.

2 thoughts on “NRA-ILA: We’ll Be Back”

  1. What does Dick Lugar (R-IN) think of his consituents?

    Currently Indiana already recognizes every other state’s permits (as well as un-permitted AK and VT residents).

    This bill would have allowed licensed Indianans to carry in the other 47 states.

    Given that the main argument against this bill was that it would allow ‘gun-crazed loons’ from permissive states to carry in strict states, what does Dick Lugar think of his own constituents?

    Basically he just spat in their faces.

  2. Lugar has been the swing vote on many of the Democrats recent victories….another RINO.

    Spector caved – after all the NRA did for him during his last election….

    Gillibrand from New York caved as well….

    The comedian from MN voted in the negative – Coleman would have voted our way

    I certainly hope we learn from this….58 Senators voted in favor (but this was cooked from the beginning…) …

    Let’s regroup and try again….


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