Hysterics Squared

You don’t get much more hysterical than this:

AS EARLY as this week, Sen. Arlen Specter could set the wheels in motion for a new civil war in this country.

That’s because a subcommittee on crime and drugs that he chairs could move an amendment that will allow pretty much anyone to carry concealed weapons pretty much anywhere they want – even to states that might have prohibited them in the past.

A new civil war, really?  And they say we’re the crazy ones.  Also:

his latest outrage from the NRA-controlled Congress is an egregrious trampeling of state’s rights that should not be allowed to stand.

States rights, let me think.  Weren’t there people who used this as an argument against another civil rights bill?  I seem to recall.  Maybe I’m mistaken.

12 thoughts on “Hysterics Squared”

  1. I would be fairly happy if only those on both sides of these issues would begin using “rights”, “powers”, and “authority” in the correct contexts.

    I seem to recall much talk of the importance of “state powers and authority” to infringe the RKBA within various briefs filed on behalf of the D of C during the Heller case …

  2. God, that just irks me to no end …

    The argument that states have some kind of “right” to infringe the right of the people to keep and bear arms, especially given that the guarantee commands that the right “shall not be infringed.”


    And those people STILL dare to vilify us …

  3. In the article “A note to those poor gun owners who feel so put out by the inconvenience of not being able to carry their guns past their own state borders: If
    you’re that afraid to travel to other places, stay home.” My answer is for them to also stop moving to my state

  4. Yup, all us law abiding gun toting PA folks will just go ape shit when they drive over the river and visit NJ and NY.
    Who really thinks this will happen?!

  5. So are all these new “States-Rights” Federalists going to back up TN against the ATF?

  6. What’s really funny with this is the number of states that already have Reciprocity with Pennsylvania. Honestly PA probably won’t see a huge difference (well technically they won’t see ANY difference…I’m speaking figuratively) from this bill, as it’s pretty darn easy for a lawful person with a carry permit from their home state to carry in PA. Hell until they jacked up the price, anybody with a CCW permit could get a NH permit for $20 and a Month’s wait, which is honored in PA as well as a bunch of other states. Now it’s $100 and a month’s wait, so this bill will save me a ton of money come permit renew time. But little else, with the exception that I could actually DRIVE to Pennsylvania without having to disable my gun….and run a huge risk with the goofy laws in NY and NJ that are not easy to understand at all what is the expected behavior for gun owners simply passing through.

  7. “State’s rights” is properly spelled ‘states’ rights’, with the apostrophe after the S. It’s a plural AND a genitive-possessive. Further, it is ‘trampling’, not trampeling.

    I find it amusing that the journalist finds these American concepts so alien he can’t actually SPELL their names.

  8. It does seem a bit odd in the recent heady days of cheering on states to resolutions asserting their support of the 10th amendment, particularly in regards to potential gun control measures, that we cheer a federal gun control (a lessening of controls, though it may be) measure that supersedes the will of the states.

  9. I fail to see how enforcing the Second Amendment, which the states all agreed to upon joining the Union, is somehow superseding the will of the states.

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