My Statement to MADD

Follow up to the post from earlier.

Flying Fish Exit 4 Trippel

I had to go to Princeton, NJ to find it. On the way back, the evil the Exit 4 Trippel emitted did not cause me to swerve between lanes. Really odd. After drinking the whole bottle, I feel a mild buzz, but strangely do not feel the need to hop in my car and go terrorize the New Jersey Turnpike. No, I think I’ll stay here and chill on my patio.

I thought for sure this strange potion would have some kind of spell on me, Demon Belgian Ale apparently being a common intoxicant of drunk drivers.  The neo-prohibitionists at MADD can now officially bite me.

6 thoughts on “My Statement to MADD”

  1. I don’t need to drink anytign but water to feel a deep need to terrorize the drivers on the NJ Turnpike. I blame the Washington Beltway

  2. Kinda sad that last night, when I was in drive-by blog-skimming mode, I looked at the pic for a little context, and went on.

    Today, when I actually decided to READ, the comment I was moved to make was that that was pretty nice patio furniture.

  3. Thank you! :) We just got it since we waited until end-of-the-season markdowns. (Yes, mid-July is considered the end of summer by retail standards.)

    I had been floored by the cost of all non-plastic molded outdoor furniture. I finally found reasonably priced chair at Bed, Bath & Beyond. By the time we went to buy them (having saved up several of their 20% one item coupons), all of the outdoor furniture had been marked down. These chairs were marked down to the original price of the chairs we initially picked. They were wider, more comfortable, and nicer. So we ended up with more bang for our buck. That’s always happy news.

  4. MADD is yet another one of those organizations that, if they bothered to stick to their core message (basically summed up by their name), they would not be nearly as much of flaming arseholes as they are.

    As it is, every last one of them can bite my hairy white nethers.

    That said, ditto on the patio/lawn furniture.

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