Oscar Mayer Tries to Play “Hide The Wiener”

In someone’s garage.  Story here.  What makes it even more funny:

  • As of Friday, they haven’t been able to contact the homeowners.
  • The police were not told before arriving on scene the type of vehicle involved.

If I came back from vacation, and found a Wienermobile sticking out of my house, I don’t know if I’d be able to stop laughing.  I’d settle for Oscar Mayer fixing the damage and giving me some free product.

2 thoughts on “Oscar Mayer Tries to Play “Hide The Wiener””

  1. It’s hilarious yet I can’t laugh. It’s not “ha-ha” funny. It’s too unique.

  2. This is the kind of bizarre crap that family legends are built around. Sometime in 2060 someone is going to be showing family photos to the kids explaining “And this is when the Weinermobile crashed into great-grandpa Jim’s garage…”

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