Apollo As You Remember It

Kevin Baker was there, but has the TV broadcast from 40 years ago.  I would never see one.  The last Saturn V rocket was launched a year before I was born.  Most children grow up dreaming of visiting other worlds, but this guy actually grew up and built rockets that did it.  I think the era of public manned space programs is probably nearing an end.  This is the future of space travel.  I hope that in my lifetime, I will also get to see men walk on other worlds.

6 thoughts on “Apollo As You Remember It”

  1. I can’t remember it. I was being born at the same time Apollo 17 was lifting off (shortly after midnight on December 7th). But I love it just the same and are no less thrilled for having seen the images and read about what it was like to do it. NASA has some excellent public domain books on the subject that really bring you into the time.

    I’m jealous of those who have seen a Saturn V launch. But I will definitely getting down to the Cape for an Aries or DIRECT launch.

  2. I was going through some old 45 RPM records the other day and ran across one of the landing.

    I don’t have anything to play it on, but I have it.

  3. National Geographic, I think, put out several issues with single-sided audio records on very thin vinyl. My parents were subscribers for decades, and of course the space program issues were very special to us. I don’t know what happened to those records, but I remember them clearly.

  4. I don’t remember the takeoff, but I do remember the moon landing. I was just out of high school, saving up for college, and thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

  5. My girlfriend and I watched the moon landing on my parent’s black and white Zenith TV. It was a happy diversion from the news out of Vietnam.


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