Unexpected Bedfellows

Trucking interests are climbing aboard with National Concealed Carry.  In the past I’ve been against the feds stepping in, because previous bills rely on abusing the Commerce Clause.  The proposed amendment does not, which leaves the door open for arguing that it’s a reasonable exercise of Congress’ powers under the 14th Amendment.  In other words, it goes from being an abuse of Congress’ power, to a civil rights law.  That’s a welcome development.

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  1. As long as the bill affirms what’s technically already allowed as per the 14th Amendment or the “Full Faith and Credit” clause of the Constitution, which seems to be the case, I’m all for it. If it’s an attempt to federalize concealed carry, that’s a bad thing for any citizen of a state where carry laws are relatively safe.

  2. Here’s a question: What if I can’t get a permit for the state I reside in but do have a Florida permit, now, because of CO state law I’m not allowed to carry in my homestate, but would I be allowed to carry in other states that allow CCW?

  3. “The language would appear to require that you have a license in the state in which you reside.”


    “A person who is not prohibited by Federal law from possessing, transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm, and is carrying a valid license or permit which is issued pursuant to the law of any State and which permits the person to carry a concealed firearm, may carry a concealed firearm in accordance with the terms of the license or permit in any State that allows its residents to carry concealed firearms, subject to the laws of the State in which the firearm is carried concerning specific types of locations in which firearms may not be carried.”

    I don’t see any reference to residency requirements, just “any state,” so it looks like (for example) a Florida non-resident CCW permit would be valid in New Jersey or Kalifornia.

    I’m not immediately sure what my opinion is about that. I’ll have to ponder it for a bit.

  4. I’ve been reading the comments to that Brian Miller piece. Not one of them is on his side so far. Dang

  5. It will be bitter fun to watch the opposition try to characterize truck drivers. If they win this battle by their usual media strategy, they’ll be in line to lose a much bigger war later.

    There is no percentage in picking a fight with a truck driver.

  6. I don’t blame them. My Brother-in-Law is a former long-haul trucker. Until recently he met the prime definition of a “Fudd” (Hunter non-shooter, if you prefer a less pejorative term) where all his guns are locked and unloaded at all times, and had zero guns for defensive means).

    I got asking him if he had encountered dangerous situations while on the road. In fact he’d been robbed a few times, and concerned for his safety many more. Appears there’s a whole niche market of crime centered around highway rest stops. Both violent predatory crime, and “vice” crime such as drug dealing and prostitution.

    I got him thinking about his safety, and how that tied into the life of his wife and several kids.

    He started looking into lawfully carrying while on the job and found it both cost prohibative, as well as Impossible (given that he had to travel through New York and New Jersey for most trips) he took to carrying an unloaded pump shotgun in his sleeper cab, as well as a list of local trap and skeet competitions that he could pass off to Police if ever questioned. He’d load up the mag when get got to a stop, and unload it before proceeding back on the road.

    he’s since switched to short-haul work which is much safer, and given that he lives and works in Vermont, it carries ZERO cost for licensing.

    Of course when you get down to reality, if a person is safe packing a gun through Vermont despite no license, or required training what is supposed to change when he crosses the boarder into New York state?

  7. MicroBalrog: That’s what the second paragraph is about: it covers VT and AK residents.

    ChamberedRound: FF&C isn’t involved. FF&C requires that (for example) NY recognize that you are licenced to carry in FL. It doesn’t require that NY *honor* your FL licence in NY. (Driver’s licenses are the common mis-example; NY recognizes your MA license as a matter of comity, not FF&C.)

  8. “Thune’s amendment was one of 35 that was added to the National Defense Authorization Act – or S1390 – which was being debated on the Senate floor on Tuesday.”

    I think this is a perfectly appropriate amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act; fully in line withthe stated title of the bill…. It would authorize a law-abiding citizen to be able to defend themselves nationwide

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