Title II Frankenguns

These are pretty interesting Title II firearms (a.k.a. machine guns).  Based off of Stemple 76/45 receiver tubes, with Swedish M37/Suomi M31 components, and an MG34 fire control system, talk about a Frankengun.  But they are under $8000 and transferable.   They make an M1 look-a-like too if you’re interested.  Looks like they also make a few other neat things, like a belt fed upper for an AR-15/M16, and MG42 semi-auto kit guns.  I’ve always thought belt fed semi-autos were kind of silly, though.

4 thoughts on “Title II Frankenguns”

  1. “I’ve always thought belt fed semi-autos were kind of silly, though.”

    Yeah, they are silly if you are trying to defend Omaha Beach or something but I bet they are fun for re-enacting and general range talk. Owning one for me would certainly be a luxury following a whole list of other gun wants but there is something cool about a MG42 even if it is semi.

  2. The 34 is kind of ugly. I went with the STG 76 – looks nicer and has a really nice trigger for an open bolt gun, almost as good as the Sterling. Can’t beat drum dumps!

    The Thompson copy is, sadly, full auto only and you can’t use drums with it. But I couldn’t resist the call of the 1928A1, because I’m a subgun slut. Machineguns are more addictive than crack.

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