False Flag Operation on Sotomayor

A guy claiming to be just your ordinary gun owner, but is really a heavy Democratic Donor and a professor at an Idaho University, says no one should listen to us crazy gun people when it comes to Sotomayor.  I guess he’s been getting his AHSA newsletter.

Started with Joe, who notes this guy isn’t like any other Idaho gun owner he knows, worked over to Thirdpower, who discovers he’s a big Democrat donor, and then Caleb, who notices he’s a liar too.

8 thoughts on “False Flag Operation on Sotomayor”

  1. claiming to be just your ordinary gun owner, but is really a heavy Democratic Donor and a professor at an Idaho University

    If the goal is to make gun ownership something that everyone is equally likely to consider doing, we need to stop putting people in boxes. I mean if your friends/colleagues are telling you that you’re crazy for being pro-gun AND your fellow pro-gunners tell you you can’t be an ordinary gun owner because you checked the following wrong boxes why should you bother?

    Of course the fact that I’m female and a democrat probably means that I’m not ordinary either.

  2. There are certainly pro-gun Democrats Kathy, but this guy isn’t one of them. Read what he says. It’s one thing to support Sotomayor because other issues are more important, but another thing to suggest NRA is wrong for questioning her position on the Second Amendment, and then touting your gunny bonifides.

    What annoys me about guys like that while they may be technically gun owners, they don’t really care about the Second Amendment. There’s no way someone can honestly support Sotomayor from a Second Amendment viewpoint. If a pro-gun Democrat comes to me and says they support Sotomayor because of her position on gay rights, or abortion (just using those as examples, I don’t know her actual position), but they wished her position on the Second Amendment was a lot stronger, but they view the other issues as outweighing it… that I understand. We all have to make tradeoffs like that when it comes to political support.

    But there’s a great deal of dishonesty in what I’ll call the AHSA position, which is to essentially argue that NRA’s concerns over a lot of Democrat politicians with a history of supporting gun control are just so much paranoia and extremism. You can’t take the AHSA position and claim to care about the Second Amendment.

  3. Why does the blog title read – Claims to be an ordinary gun owner but is big Democratic donor?

    Can’t people be 1. Democrats 2. Own Guns 3. Contribute to politicians they believe in?

    The common thoughts and statements that Dems / Liberals aren’t gun owners is categorically false.

  4. Colin,

    I probably should have said “Big Obama Donor.” Yes, someone who donates to Jason Altmire, Jim Webb, Jon Tester, Max Baucus… hell, the list could go on and on… can still claim Second Amendment bonafides.

    But you can’t donate large sums of money or support Barack Obama, like AHSA has done, and claim to care deeply about the Second Amendment. Just as you can’t support Sotomayor, like AHSA has done, and claim to care about the Second Amendment.

    You can claim other issues are more important to you, and if that’s the case, I understand. We all make those tradeoffs. But the fact that AHSA supported Obama, and now Sotomayor, tells me all I need to know about what your organization stands for, and it ain’t the Second Amendment.

  5. The AHSA is a sham operation as wisely stated here by several contributors….

    I am proud to say that the NYSRPA came out against her nomination in a recent letter led by Alan Gottlieb’s SAF, CCRKABA and several others….

    She definitely needs to to questioned on her 2AD position and by looking at the witness list for the Republicans it would appear that former NRA President and current Board Member Sandy Froman is the one that will be asking those questions….that is GOOD news….

  6. I’m afraid Gebhardt really isn’t that unusual among Idaho gun owners–at least, the Democratic ones, who like to pretend that restrictive gun control has never taken place in the U.S. before.

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