ASHA: Still Shillin’

Thirdpower notices that Ray Schoenke of the the false flag American Hunters and Shooters Association comes out of hiding to defend President Obama against the big, mean, NRA. Notice there’s no talk about what AHSA is doing to preserve our rights.  No talk about what shooting programs they are planning to run.

AHSA is a false flag operation meant to give anti-gun Democratic politicians cover on the gun issue.  I might give Ray a better grade for recent efforts to reform the organization’s image, if, for instance, he could explain what he’s doing in regards to Claire McCaskill’s “no” vote on the Coburn Amendment in regards to National Park Carry.  I mean, they endorsed her, and all.  That’s right, I totally forgot.  They are against “self-defense whakos.”

4 thoughts on “ASHA: Still Shillin’”

  1. AHSA seemed to fade from the scene temporarily after being put in the uncomfortable position of having to write AG Holder about his comments related to the “assault weapons” ban ( I could be wrong but I seem to remember in the past that AHSA did not particularly like these “military style” firearms but I guess Ray could read the sales reports as much as the next guy and had to shift position. I guess the administration got the message so Ray feels he can again come to the aid of the great and merciful one.

  2. You know, if they could provide one solitary, tiny, little thing that they have actually done to help their supposed target demographic, I might give a flying squirrel’s left nut about them. But as it is… *shrug*

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